The Caroleigh behind caroleigh.com is a hard working techie mommy who loves capturing the precious moments of parenthood in evocative cartoons.


Working in close collaboration with my loving husband  (ADHD daddy) John, I have designed a collection of amusing vignettes, now available for sale on a variety of products. Real-life adventures with my four young children and husband have been the inspiration for each piece. I am delighted to capture our experiences in this form, and share them with other parents navigating the new world of parenting digital natives.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I currently reside in Villanova, PA, and work at SAP as a behavioral designer and gamification consultant. I love my job, and my family, but it doesn't leave much time for drawing -- but my passion, and encouragement from family and friends drive me, so you'll usually find me on weekends and evenings squeezing in any time I can to draw.